Thursday, March 29, 2012

Copic Marker Organizer -Foam Core Board

Have you every made an organizer out of foam core board? I can now say that I have, and I have an ink pad organizer / storage in the works ;)

I've been searching for a Copic orgainzer for my markers and came across this organizer on several peoples blog, it's called the Copic Marker Cubbie.
I found out who made them and contacted the lady, but her and her husband longer sell them, it's a shame because it would of course be more sturdy then foam board organizer.  So decide to go on the hunt for other  inexpensive Copic marker organizers and in my search came across this blog "Syzygy of Me". Karen designed what looks like the exact same copic organizer, she has great instructions along with photos which was great for me. Karen also made a fabulous ink pad storage for her Stampin Up inks.
Karen's copic storage instructions -HERE
Karen's Stampin Up ink pad foam core storage instructions -HERE.

Here are the two organizers that I made, and they definitely are not perfect (I know where my mistakes are) but I'm very happy with how they turned out and they look rather nice on my table.  My marker selection is quite small, but slowly growing. 
Now I'm working on an ink pad storage for my favorite ink pads, Tim Holtz distress inks and Jenny Bowlin inks.

I also got to wondering what other storage organizers people have made using foam core board and look what I found...  (click on the photo to be taken to the blog where I found it).


So what have you seen or made with foam core board?


  1. Wow thanks for sharing this. This is perfect to use to hold all sorts of things. Copics too...:-)

  2. I made a foam storage for my ProMarkers...LOVE IT! Great job with yours!

  3. Oh wow, your organizer turned out great Robin! What a wonderful way to store your Copics. I really love this and the other projects made with foam board as well. Thanks for sharing the links. I need to go check them out as I am always trying to find a better way to store and organize all my crafting goodies!

  4. OMG!TFS Love it!!!New Follower.

  5. Great job on your organizer for copics. TFS!
    Sherrie K

  6. Thanks for linking my foam board storage. Your copic storage looks great

  7. I just watched your video on YouTube where you show your ink pad storage unit made with the foam core board. I'd love to know some details of exactly how you assembled yours. I've been trying to compare how various people have done theirs and see what might be the easiest way to actually put them together. I've seen several different ways, but your unit seems to look nicer than most, so I'm curious how you cut the shelves and put it all together so that it came out so straight and perfect looking. Most of the others I've watched videos of or read about even admit that they come out rather "wonky". I'm such a perfectionist I'd like mine to be as perfect as it can be. I just bought my foam board yesterday and am a bit nervous about starting one of these. Mine will need to be a different size and shape than yours, so I'm not asking for exact measurements. I'd just like to know the "mechanics" of how you cut your shelves and glued it all together. If you followed one of the tutorials on the web and just made it to your own measurements, I'd love to know which one you followed. I love how you put the drawers in. I don't think any I've seen had drawers! I don't know that I'll put drawers in mine, as I need tons of compartments for all my ink pads and my space to put one of these is limited, but it is a great idea.

    Thanks in advance!!! I don't like to leave my e-mail in a blog comment but here it is in case you could possibly answer my questions. (

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