Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wild Card #21 - A Lovely Doily

This wild card has some really lovely features; a doily shaped card, a rose and a beautiful square rose pattern icon.... do you use that image on a card? I decided to challenge myself to use that square icon on my card. This wild card can be found on page 52 of the Wild Card Cricut cartridge booklet.

Circled in red are the images and quantities that I cut for this wild card.

Here is the cardstock and patterned paper I cut for my card, each image is cut a 5".
Note: I do not use the real dial size when cutting my wild card images.

The patterned paper is from Stampin' Up designer paper packet (discontinued). I only used the outer circle from the circle liner feature, the inner circle was discarded. For the phrase "How Thankful", I used my mini gel pen and holder in my cricut machine. The gel pens and holder I ordered from Custom Crops on line store.

I challenged myself to use the square rose icon feature for this card. I begain by tracing a circle using the outer circle image. Cut it out, then used my cricut spatula tool to lift/bend the cuts in the rose pattern.

I used three colorbox cats eye inks to add a distressed look to the rose. By lifting the edges the ink was able to scrape those edges and give a darker color there. I started with the light tan ink, then the dark brown, and finished off with just a little green.

Some of my edges of the rose did break away, but not to worry, I keep inking those as well, then when finished inking I adhered the rose to the same circle that I used to trace the original rose circle, the loose edges were easily put back in place, just like a puzzle. This image was now adhered to my doily card front.
For the two roses I used the same lifting/bending technique, then inked the edges, yellow for the rose, then green for the leaf and stem. I cut off the leaves and stem of the yellow rose then adhered that rose over the top of the green rose

I used pop-dots to adhere my lovely yellow rose to my card front.
Here are the finished envelope and the inside of my doily card. I trimmed the phrase using my paper cutter, inked the edges, then placed it on the inside of the card.

Challenge yourself.... when you find image in your wild card booklet that you're not sure what to do with, remember to challenge yourself and find a way to make that image a part of your card.

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  1. Very nice Robin. Do you use the Expression or one of the smaller Cricuts?

    Happy Valentine!

  2. holy moly! that would be a life sentence to me - lol. this is gorgeous! and fabulous! and you make it all look so easy. i am dying to get my hands on the wild card cart too!

  3. woww wish i had a gadget to help me make things this good!

  4. Robin, this card is just gorgeous! I love the design and the layout and the colors - I'm reluctant to get the Wild Card since I only have the Personal Cricut, not the Expression. I've tried a couple of things on my Tags, Bags, Boxes that don't work very well on the small Cricut but I haven't experimented enough to be sure. I really enjoy all of your step by step instructions-thanks! (By the way, I though you did a fantastic job at Just Buggin')

  5. Dakota Bear said: Very nice Robin. Do you use the Expression or one of the smaller Cricuts?
    Thanks Dakota Bear for you comment, I do use the Expression machine, however, the card can be cut using a the other Cricuts; the cards would just be a smaller size.

    Robin :)

  6. Beautiful work! I love your projects.

  7. Wow, what a fantastic card! Can't wait to give it a try.


  8. stumbled across your wild card demos yesterday. I have had my cricut about two months and have not accomplished much. Your instructions have made the light come on. I did't understand the feature keys and after following your instructions I get it . Hope I find time to eat and sleep now that I know what to do. Thanks.


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