Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tiny Monogram Note Cards

I hope you have had a chance to enjoy the Fantabulous Cricut Crawl (our version of a blog hop) the design team has great projects to share with you.

For the crawl each design team chose a different element to focus on, I choose "drawing" using your cricut, using mini gel pens the post is -HERE if you missed it. I purchased my marker holders from Amy -HERE.

Today I'm going to show how I use the mini sharpie markers in my cricut machine, as well as the "Center Point" feature. I drew the "S" image, then cut out the same image that was drawn.
My tiny cards measure 2 1/4" square, the "S" was cut at 3/4".

I first load my cardstock, then moved the blade left and down just a bit so that the blade would be at the center of where the "S" would be drawn (then cut).

I removed cutting blade, then before I put my marker holder in the blade housing I add a piece of scrap paper so the cardstock will not get ink from the marker where I don't want it. After the marker holder is in place I remove the scrap paper. I used the "Storybook" Cricut cartridge pg. 46 for my letter "S".

On my Cricut expression machine I pressed the "center point" feature, the S, then cut. When using the center point feature after the image is done drawing (cutting) it returns back to the center of the "S" where it started. I placed my scrap paper back before removing the marker holder. Without moving the position of the blade carriage, carefully remove the marker holder and place the cutting blade back in to the blade housing, the blade is still at the center of my drawn "S".

To cut the "S" I used the shadow feature for the "S", kept the center point feature on, then cut out the "S"
I repeated the above steps five times to get five "S" shapes.

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  1. I have never done it that way...I have the baby so I usually just draw all my stuff first then instead of unloading the paper I hit load paper so it returns to where it started...then I change to my blade and I hit repeat last...works perfect every time

  2. :( ...... No baby sharpies or gel pens here so I am moving on, hmpff


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