Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love U Valentine Micro Beads Box

This is such an adorable box, I just love the heart shape and so very easy to put together. I added a fun embellishment on this box... micro beads... gives such fun texture and a beautiful look. The cartridge used is Tags, Bags,Boxes and More page 117.

I have a photo tutorial of how I cut out the pattern paper to fit the heart shaped box, you can find it here.

There are hundreds of places to get micro beads, I purchased mine from an on line store called Pennywise Arts. the sticky tape works great for the beads and they stick extremely well.

For tag, I cut the heart image from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cricut cartridge (same as the heart box) page 108.

The pink heart was cut at 2" the white at 2 1/4", I only used the pink window for the tag, and one of the white heart cutouts to place inside my pink window. I traced the white heart image onto the sticky tape, I cut two, only one showning in the photo below (the red image). Not shown in the photo I took a brown sharpie and wrote the word Love "U" on the white heart.

The sticky tape is double sided and clear, however the plastic covering over the tape is red but of course is removed when ready to use. I removed the backing on the heart shaped sticky tape and placed it onto the white heart cutout, added it to the pink window, then remove the red plastic from the tape and closed the pink heart window frame.
I then poured my light pink micro beads onto the sticky window, pushing firmly on the beads to "squish" them into the sticky tape. When I dump the beads off I look to see if there are any little holey areas that need more beads, then add more if needed remembering to squish them into the tape. They stick so well.

For the heart shaped box, I cut the brown cardstock using the "blackout" feature, then the patterned paper with the "window" feature. The heart shape (window) that I removed from the patterned paper I used as a template and traced onto the stick tape, removed the sticky tape backing and placed it on the box where the patterned paper heart had been removed, and added micro beads.

After tying the bow, I added thread to the tag using a sewing needle, then threaded it through the pink bow.

When I add embellishments to my boxes, I do this before assembling the box together, it is so much easier to work on a flat surface, I even tie on my bow before assembling the box
Such a fabulous project!

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