Monday, January 11, 2010

Wild Card Series -Card #16 -Tweety

I love birdies and this card was of course fun to make! Wild Card #16 can be found on page 47 of the Wild Card booklet.

The images circled in red are what I cut for this card. I did cut them in various sizes.

I cut all the main images at 5" the envelope, card, liner and the birds on the branch (shift/frame).
The phrase "you made my day" was cut at 6". The frame using the pattern paper is cut at 7", and the blue frame cut at 7 1/4".
The icon birdies were cut at different sizes... the two tall green birds (shift/icon) were cut at 3"
The two shorter red birds (icon) cut at 3" and the short blue bird cut at 2 1/2".
The white piece of cardstock was cut using my paper trimmer to be placed on the inside of the card, this was cut at 4 1/2" x 4 3/4".

I used the bird branch (shift/frame) on the inside of my card.
Tips & Tricks about this card can be found here

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  1. i really appreciate all the effort it takes to create the cards. photograph the cards and then detail how you did it! i sometimes am stumped as to even get started so i just want to say that you inspire me to do more! happy valentine's day!


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