Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wild Card Series -Card #13 Tied Up

Here is a unique card, and the origami swan makes for a fun addition. This card can be found on page 44 of the Wild Card Booklet.
Circled in red are the images that were cut for this card. All pieces were cut at 2 3/4" , this is the largest size that I could cut from 12" x 12" cardstock because the card is very long.
Note: I cut the card piece 2 times and for one I used the flip feature, for most cards this probably isn't necessary, but because I of the double sided paper that I used for the card, the opposite side (which would be the inside of the card) was a very busy pattern and I just wanted a solid piece on the inside of the card.
The small squares using the "liner feature" on the keypad were cut twice using orange and black cardstock.
The pieces that I cut for this card, the only exception is the small black 1 1/2" square which was cut using my paper trimmer.
I placed the small black square on the envelope liner as shown below, I did this because I wanted the tiny origami swan that was cut out of the envelope flap to be black and not orange (the color I cut the envelope liner).
With the tiny orange squares I cut a small amount off each side as shown in the photo, these were used to be placed on top of the black tiny squares.
See the tiny black squares layered with the orange squares.Have a wonderfully creative day!
Robin :)


  1. I really love the colors and pattern papers you used on this card...another great card!

  2. Love what you are doing. I've been challenging myself (& a friend) to do each of the cards!

  3. Love the card! But I don't understand something. Why do you need to flip one of the cards?

  4. "Angie said....Love the card! But I don't understand something. Why do you need to flip one of the cards?"

    In order to add a lining the inside of the card, that lining image needed to be flipped to line up the little squares correctly.

    I just realized that since I used a solid cardstock that I didn't need to use the "flip" feature, I could have cut it out then flipped to place on the inside of the card. However, had I used a patterened paper to place on the inside then I would have needed to use the "flip" feature. Thanks for noticing :)
    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Robin :)
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