Monday, October 15, 2018

Hello and New Updates!

   Hello friends, it has been way too long since I hung out here at my blog and it's due time to blow the dust off and get posting again...... (insert long blowing noise).

Life continues to take us to all different directions and I'm sure many of you have had just as much change as well.  We've endured a few moves, built a house put in a yard (ok, my husband has done most of that), had a few weddings.  Now all my girls are married and I have wonderful bouncing grand babies to enjoy, life is full and I have been blessed.

Although my life is full, my creative adventure never seems to stop, and as you know I'm always creating something with my piles and piles of paper and supplies that I've collected, and it's about time to share my latest creations, so I've decided to open up an Etsy shop.

This shop name is one that I've carried withe me for many years now, the H A V are the initials of my three wonderful daughters, and the 2 Create, well I'm sure you can figure that part out. {smile}
I have always loved shape card so you will see in my shop I have a ton, I've made the sweetest baby cards that can be personalized, Apple cards that can be personalize with a favorite teachers name, cute mini Christmas gift card holders, birthday gift card holders, birthday balloons and much more.

Enough talk.... lets get the the photos, below is what you will see in my shop right now.   -caution photo heavy-

I would love it if you could come take a look around my shop.  
Tomorrow I'll show you my darling mitten gift card holders in three different colors please stay tuned ;)
Here is my shop:


  1. Hi Robin,
    Nice to see you back at blogging....I have missed your creations! You sound like you have been busy for sure. Congrats on the house, weddings and now grand babies!! That is the best part of all, ha! Those grand babies have a way of melting our hearts and filling our lives with happiness and joy!
    I do agree life has a way of taking us in different directions. I haven't been crafting near as much as I want to but hopefully I will be back at it soon.
    I love all your creations. The shaped cards are always so fun to create. Your Christmas stocking gift cards couldn't be cuter! Can't wait to see the mittens~THanks for sharing and for the inspiration!
    Sherrie K

  2. So good to hear from you again! Best wishes on your Etsy shop, I love your creations! TFS

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