Saturday, January 30, 2010

SO, you think I'm fruity huh?

So my kids thing I'm crazy... perhaps a little "fruity". So I couldn't resist making this card fun... I laugh every time I open the card..... and my kids? Well they just gave me the "yep, you're crazy" look.
For the Just Buggin' challenge this week is titled "All about Food". The darling pear card that I made for the challenge can be found here, "You're Pear-fect Together".
I used the "From My Kitchen" cricut cartidge, the fruit is on page 71 in the booklet. I cut the fruit at 4" using various color of cardstock, since I used the pears for the other card, I already had this cute apple to make a card with.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Wild Card #20 - Pinwheel -UR sweet

Hi wild card series followers, today's card is titled Pinwheel, this card is found on page 51 of the Cricut cartridge wild card booklet.
I was so excited to use the "pinwheel" feature of this card, fun and creative.
Circled in red are the images I chose from the wild card booklet page 51.
Below are the images I cut for this card. Note: the photo shows only one scallop frame, I cut two using the same paper. Each image was cut at 6", the white rectangle shape was cut using my paper trimmer at 4 3/4" x 5 1/2" I placed this on the inside of the card for writing the message on.
Also not shown in the photo below are the capital letters "U" and "R", they are cut from the same wild card cartridge on black cardstock found on pg. 45 for the "R" and pg. 48 for the "U". For these letters I used the "real dial" feature on the key pad then cut them at 1 1/2"
Inside of card, I used the center of the scallop frame to cover the back of the circle, this hid the backside of the brad.
I had the brad holding the large circle in place on the card, then rotated the circle 1/4 turn, stamped a flower then stamped 4 one word message in each 1/4" rotation.
The pinwheel is a fun card... come on... give it a try.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Buggin' has a new Leader!

I'm so excited to announce that I am the new leader at "Just Buggin" challenge blog.

Just Buggin' is a weekly Cricut challenge blog, and sometime during the night Just Buggin' had a massage and a make-over (wow, I could use one of those). Every Wednesday morning you will find a new challenge to inspire you to use your Cricut machine. Whether you have 1 cartridge or 100 cartridges, we challenge you to use your Cricut.

We have our own amazing design team that joins in for each challenge to inspire you through out the week. New ideas from the team will be posted Wednesday through Saturday, so check back each day to get inspiration and see what we've created.

We have great things in store for you, from "Blog Hops" to design team spotlights, Monday and Tuesdays will be filled with tips and much more inspiration for you.

Come check out Just Buggin' today and become a follower, as we challenge you to use your Cricut. You won't want to miss the inspiration.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Buggin' Challenge #22 -Pear-fect Together

This card is simply too cute, I made if for the Just Buggin' challenge -All About Food. The challenge was to make a food themed project, it can be a treat container, food themed layout, etc...
The the faces on the pears, I used Peachy Keen Stamps the basic paper doll face assortment. The words "you're Pear-fect Together" is printed using my computer printer.
Aren't these two pears just adorable?
Just Buggin' has weekly challenges to inspire us to use your Cricut machine.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love U Valentine Micro Beads Box

This is such an adorable box, I just love the heart shape and so very easy to put together. I added a fun embellishment on this box... micro beads... gives such fun texture and a beautiful look. The cartridge used is Tags, Bags,Boxes and More page 117.

I have a photo tutorial of how I cut out the pattern paper to fit the heart shaped box, you can find it here.

There are hundreds of places to get micro beads, I purchased mine from an on line store called Pennywise Arts. the sticky tape works great for the beads and they stick extremely well.

For tag, I cut the heart image from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cricut cartridge (same as the heart box) page 108.

The pink heart was cut at 2" the white at 2 1/4", I only used the pink window for the tag, and one of the white heart cutouts to place inside my pink window. I traced the white heart image onto the sticky tape, I cut two, only one showning in the photo below (the red image). Not shown in the photo I took a brown sharpie and wrote the word Love "U" on the white heart.

The sticky tape is double sided and clear, however the plastic covering over the tape is red but of course is removed when ready to use. I removed the backing on the heart shaped sticky tape and placed it onto the white heart cutout, added it to the pink window, then remove the red plastic from the tape and closed the pink heart window frame.
I then poured my light pink micro beads onto the sticky window, pushing firmly on the beads to "squish" them into the sticky tape. When I dump the beads off I look to see if there are any little holey areas that need more beads, then add more if needed remembering to squish them into the tape. They stick so well.

For the heart shaped box, I cut the brown cardstock using the "blackout" feature, then the patterned paper with the "window" feature. The heart shape (window) that I removed from the patterned paper I used as a template and traced onto the stick tape, removed the sticky tape backing and placed it on the box where the patterned paper heart had been removed, and added micro beads.

After tying the bow, I added thread to the tag using a sewing needle, then threaded it through the pink bow.

When I add embellishments to my boxes, I do this before assembling the box together, it is so much easier to work on a flat surface, I even tie on my bow before assembling the box
Such a fabulous project!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Wild Card #19 - Butterfly Wave

Another great day of the wild card series, this is such a uniquely shaped card.... what imaginative designers who come up with the designs of these cards, it's so fun to not always have the traditional rectangle card.

This wild card is called "wave" it can be found on page 50 of the wild card booklet.

I chose beautiful cardstock from the DCWV glittered and foiled stack called "the Blossoms & Butterflies.... just gorgous paper and very thick.

From page 50, circled in red are the images and quantities that I used for this card. I cut every image for this card at 6" each.

Here are the images I cut for this card.... isn't this lovely cardstock? It's so nice to work with. The phrase was cut using the pink butterfly cardstock.
I placed all three images of the wave icon on the front of my card. The blue and green overlapping, then with the pink butterflies over the two other waves. The green and pink wave hung over the edge of the card front a bit, but I easily trimmed it off.
I place the phrase on the inside of the card, so when the first card flap was opeded the word "you" was shone.

The entire phrase on the inside.

I love the ribbon and butterfly charm, it adds the prefect accessory, and the ribbon makes an excellent closure for this tri-fold card because of the cards slanted shape it can easily slide off without being untied, loved that idea.

Give the "wave" wild card a try today... and continue following my wild card series... to view all wild cards thus far click here.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Buggin' Challenge #21 -My Little Dancer

This weeks challenge at Just Buggin' there is another great theme... Monochromatic Challenge.
Use a monochromatic color theme on your cricut project.

My color theme is blue with a lovely little dancer from "A Child's Year" Cricut cartridge. The little dancer is on page 73, I also cut the card from this page as well. The card was cut at 5 1/2" the patterned paper layer on front was cut at 4 3/4" and my little dancer was cut at 3 1/2".

Just Buggin' has weekly challenges to inspire us to use your Cricut machine.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wild Card #18 -Muchas Gracias

I Loved how this funky "thanks" card turned out, it was so much fin to make.
This Wild Card can be found on page 49 of your wild card booklet.

Images in the red circles were cut for this card.
All the pieces were cut at 6", except for the sombrero. I cut the printed paper hat at 5" and the solid orange at 5 1/4". Because there was not a shadow feature for the hat I cut the second hat 1/4" larger for a shadow effect... not a perfect shadow, but it worked well enough for me.

I popped up the frame image and the hat using pop-dots, and look how a little bit of fibers give such a festive look... the perfect touch for this card... love it.
Which wild card are you making today? Check out many more card from my Wild Card Series here

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just Buggin' Challenge #20

Who said bears are only brown? I found a blue bear.
Just Buggin' is having another challenge this week titled -All about Pets.
Make a pet themed project... Think Paper Pups, animal Kingdom, etc.

I ch0se to use the Zoobaloo Cricut cartridge, and for the additional heart shape I used the George and Basic Shapes cartridge.

A Design Studio Cut File --available at the bottom of this post:

This is a bear shaped card, and I'm so excited to share it, because I made it using Cricut Design Studio. This is the first time I used DS to make a project, so if it needs adjusting at all please let me know.
The file has been created for the Cricut expressions and the Baby Bug users, I want all to enjoy this sweet little bear.

This is how I laid my cardstock on the cutting mat using my Expression machine.
Here she is... isn't she just sweet as can be?
I used a blue ink pad to brush around the edges of the bear. Used my Cuddlebug embossing folder, tiny bubbles on the muzzle and belly, then brushe with ink. I used an small oval hole punch for her nose then made a highlight mark with a white gel pen, and I love the googly eyes. Then added a ribbon bow and some bling... a blue bears got to have a little bling.
I used my computer to add words to the cut-out hearts. Here is my tutorial showing how I print on a cut-out shape using my computer. Using a rubber stamp could also add fun words too.
The bear card opened. The inside pieces are flat, not popped up.
I used a ton of pop-dots again, I love the popped up effect!Beary Much DS cut file here

Just Buggin' has weekly challenges, challenging you to use your Cricut {chirp, chirp} come join the fun!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wild Card #17 -Hooray for Circles

A round and a round and around she goes. Wild Card #17 is one big circle {smile} this card is on page 48 in the Wild Card booklet. Hooray!
Circled in red are the quantity and images that I cut for this card. All image were cut at 4" except the following... "oh happy day" phrase cut at 5", the liner (circle) one was cut at 4" the other cut at 2 1/4".
The cut images... I love patterned paper.
Give the circle Wild Card a try today.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hugs -Heart Valentine Gift Box

There is a super cute heart shaped box in the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More cartridge, have you seen it?
Since Valentines will be here is a few weeks I couldn't resist creating a fun "hugs" box.

Tutorial: layered pattern box.
This is one of my favorite ways to decorate boxes, I have shown this tutorial before and I love it.
This heart box can be found on page 117 of the "Tags, Bags, Boxes & More" Cricut cartridge.

I began by cutting two of the same size box. One on heavy cardstock and one using patterned paper (often times pattern paper is thin, so this technique works very well to make a sturdy box). I like to use the "fit to page" feature on my expressions machine, which cut this box at 6" using my 12 x12 cutting mat.
On the pattern paper image I score on the markings, then cut on those lines, I also cut the handles off and discard them along with the skinny tab edges.
Then I cut about 1/8" off each edge using my scissors, discard those pieces.

Then adhere my trimmed pieces on my cardstock box, score on the markings.

I like to embellish my box completely before I fold and glue my box together, it makes it much easier for me. I placed a clear piece of plastic in the heart window.
I cut three flower images on page 107 (same cartridge) using the "blackout" feature in three sizes, 1", 3/4" and 1/2". I got the flowers wet, crumpled them up, then opened them a bit and when dry I rubbed red ink over the crumpled flowers. Layered them together and added a jewel.I cut the heart tag from page 108 using the "mirror/windows" feature. Using red cardstock I cut at 2", then 2 1/4" using white cardstock. I folded the red windows in half, and from the white image I used only one of the heart images to place between my red windows. I used a red marker to write the word "hugs" and for the little heart on the tag.

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