Friday, December 11, 2009

Cleaning My Cutting Mat

Does your cutting mat look like this...... yuck.
A step by step of how I cleaned my cutting mat. None of these ideas are my own, I've combined several ideas I've learned in the Cricut Message board to show you how I got my mat clean and sticky again.I place my mat in warm soapy water
Then I used a scrapper to scape the mat (my scrapper is from Pampered Chef --this tool has multiple uses) I scrapped at all different angles and put this dirty yucky sticky stuff in the garbage. Then scraped some more.
Then rinsed my mat really well.
Pat dry and I let my mat sit for about 1/2 hour or hour, to let the air dry and little spaces. During that time I can fold load of laundry or clean my house, and you thought I created all day... silly.When my mat was good and dry I took a link roller and got some of the sticky little blobs that were left on the mat, I rubbed with my hand to feel for any sticky spots. I even rolled on the back side, sticky stiff was there too.Now the fun part, making my mat sticky again. I use Zig 2 way glue with the Jumbo Tip on every inch of the cutting area. I start on one side and glide about to the 6" mark and did this all the way down one side of the mat, flipped the mat around and did the other side. Then I set the mat aside and dry for a few hours before I use it... more laundry? or should I clean the house?
Wow... look at my new mat... maybe not new, just refurbished.Do you have other tip of ways you clean Cricut items? Please share.

Have a wonderfully creative day!
Robin :)


  1. Wow, great idea! TFS!!! Thanks for the step by step tutorial, will have to try this sometime :-)

  2. Hi Robin, We haven't yet met but here goes! I was at a fellow cricut enabler's home recently when I saw her cricut spatula and proceeded to scream "YUK!!!" I like my tools in order, and have found the Lysol wipes that come in those cylinder containers to be great for the accessories that also get mucky. As for my friend, I attacked her spatula with a baby wipe (much more elbow grease) and that should last clean a few days at least! P.S. I also use the wipes for the BACK of my mats too! And thanks for the tutorial it's beautiful!!

  3. Isn't it amazing how dirty those mats get? Thanks for showing us how to restore them!

  4. A Amazing-mine is so dirty looks just like yours. I was going to go buy another mat. Thanks for sharing now I can save myself a little money.

    Peggy lee

  5. I definitely need to have one of those scrappers! My husband's cutting mat is a mess and really needs some cleaning. He bought it in a commercial store two years ago in NY and haven't wiped it ever since. Great job, Robin! And yes, thanks for this tip.

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