Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wild Card #11

The swoop card found on page 42 of the Wild Card booklet.
A very fun card to make, I love the curved edge on the card, it makes for a unique style.

Below is a photo of the pieces that I cut for my card. There are 9 pieces, everything is cut at 4" except the two flowers they were cut at 6"
The white paper is the blackout image that is place on the inside of the card.
So much fun!

Have a wonderfully creative day!
Robin :)


  1. Robin- I just discovered your blog! Thanks for the Wild Card series - I really appreciate you showing the pieces that you cut out before assembling the card. I'm making a swoop card today! I look forward to more of your creative ideas! Thanks!

  2. Hi there, Just discovered your blog. Thank you so much for all the wild card examples. They help so much and they are all so pretty and creative. Thanks again!


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